How to choose the Right Cocktail Ring

How to choose the Right Cocktail Ring

What a cocktail ring is and how to choose the suitable one for any event. The word ‘cocktail ring’ identifies a freak, showy ring holding a big colored stone, worn preferably as a solitaire, during such occasions as varnishing-days or cocktails, where it is recommended to wear formal clothes only. It seems that this term was coined …

Cesari&Rinaldi Gemmai stone and High Jewelry
Stone and High Jewelry by Cesare e Rinaldi gemmai

Cesari&Rinaldi Gemmai: stone and High Jewelry

As I posted on Facebook a few days ago, it is time to introduce to you the beginning of a new project I am fond of and I want to dedicate a special space of this blog to. Do you have some friends whom you have known for many years, but actually you don’t know what they exactly do in their life? A few days before Christmas Day, I was strolling …