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Industrial-style Accessories for your kitchen

Sometimes it takes so little to give the house an industrial touch. If you want to add vintage materials to your fittings, I will give you some suggestions in the next lines. First of all, we will concentrate on one of the main room of the house: the kitchen. Although you have already got a kitchen, in a typical modern style maybe, you will …



Good morning girls, let’s start this week talking of a room quite dear to us women: the kitchen. In particular, let’s see together how to choose the tiles and coatings suitable to any need, having a glance at all the new proposals that will be shown at Cersaie 2017. Well then, September is coming, together with Cersaie 2017, the …

Montsserat Kitchen by Marchi Group

Montsserat Kitchen by Marchi Group

Today we are talking again about one of the Italian leading firms in Made in Italy kitchens: MARCHI GROUP. This name means research in the materials, careful study of lines and design and technological innovations. The kitchen Montserrat by MARCHI GROUP represents a perfect union between past and future, between tradition and …

cucina abimis: l'acciaio in cucina.
Ecco a voi una cucina in acciaio abimis con isola centrale.

A Masterchef-like Kitchen at your home: Abimis Kitchen

With the advent of Masterchef and various other programmes on cooking, all of us feel better cooks or anyway we have developed a wider view about cooking and its endless possibilities. In the past few years several firms have proposed more and more professional kitchens, readapting more industrial structures to homely …

Natural Skin Kitchen by Silvio Stefani for Minacciolo.
Natural Skin Kitchen by Silvio Stefani for Minacciolo.

Natural Skin Kitchen by Silvio Stefani for Minacciolo.

Today we’re going to talk about Natural Skin Kitchen by Silvio Stefani for Minacciolo Today we’re going to talk about kitchens, in particular about one of the latest creations of the architect Silvio Stefani for Minacciolo: Natural Skin Kitchen. The entire total black structure is enveloped by a warm heat-treated wood …

A Modern Kitchen, please!
A Modern Kitchen, please!

A Modern Kitchen, please!

A Modern Kitchen for your home! Modern american style Kitchen, with central island, steel appliances, wine cellar and large wooden workbenches. Cassie Dunn presents a professional kitchen composed of a central island that can be used as workbench, as a useful and comfortable breakfast or quick meal table. The dark tones makes the …

food storage containers, made in italy
Snips food storage containers can be recognized for its originality! Lemon, banana, garlic, onions, parmesan savers and many others!!!

Original food storage containers in your kitchen !!

Funny food storage containers in your Kitchen As I disclosed a few days ago on Facebook, here are some shots regarding the new collaboration with one of the best known brands of Snips. You can find Snips products in any supermarket or hypermarket. They stand out for being practical and original as well. Thanks to continually …

random from la cornue

Random from La Cornue

…”A kitchen is a room like no other. It is not merely a functional space. It is the heart of a home.Who can’t remember the kitchen of their childhood home with its warmth, fragrances, noises and delicious delights? A kitchen will always be the place to enjoy with your family and entertain your friends”… La …