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Lampadina di design ad incandescenza
Lampadina di design ad incandescenza, ecco tutte le novità.

Design bulb? I love incandescent vintage filament bulb!

Design Bulb? Take a look to incandescent vintage filament bulb. It’s extraordinary! This incandescent vintage filament bulb is extraordinary I still remember the first time I saw and photographed them some years ago in Paris… They amazed me so much that I chose them to light my loft. Event the effect of just one incandescent …

Fifty shades of Grey movie: Mr Grey's home!
50 sfumature di grigio

Fifty shades of Grey movie: Mr Grey’s home!

Fifty shades of Grey, the Movie! …They just landed few seconds ago on the top of his building in the main city center of Seattle…Christian Grey comes out of his private helicopter, opens the hatchback and helps her to get off extending his hand. He tenderly girds her waist and they make their way to the elevator that will bring them …

vintage armchairs, versmissen
Multicolor Vintage Armchairs by Versmissen

Vintage and design: Versmissen

Vintage and design:I want to talk about Versmissen, a Dutch company that is well-known around the world. Good morning and great start to your week! Today I want to talk about a Dutch company that is well-known around the world. This is Versmissen. I personally visited them last September in Paris, at Maison & Object trade show. I …

Natevo, modern living room
Viscido&Giannattasio realised this modern living room by Natevo

A modern living room by Natevo

A modern living room by Natevo: geometric shapes and decisive lines. Studios Viscido and Francesco Giannattasio are located in Salerno, just south of Naples, Italy. They have designed ad hoc pieces for the Natevo brand to be used in an apartment in the CityLife residential complex. These pieces of furniture have great impact and …

arredare casa, Natevo

Design furnitures by Natevo…

Natevo realised design furnitures with integrated led He enthusiastically welcomed the idea of projecting design furnitures with integrated LED lighting to furnish Apartment in CityLife: the entrance, lounge, corridors, closet and bedroom. ‘The products that I designed were inspired by German Rationalism from the …

fireplace, living room
Design fireplace in your living room

Fireplace at home

 Fireplace at home: Living room ideas to save energy and money, without forgetting beauty and design. With the winter season approaching, saving money on heating becomes a priority for most families. Why paying high heating bills if you can choose many other alternative options for heating your home? In this post and in the next … An industrial living room an original and industrial living room Who’s never seen this living room at least once? And who’s never craved to sit on this famous aqua green sofa? How can we forget the green door that our favourite actors opened a thousandfold? Haven’t you recognized it yet? Do America, New York, Brooklyn ring a …

fur sofas and chairs


  We are used to link fabrics such as fur or similars to clothes or shrugs. However, in the last years architects and designers have designed a variety of sofas and armchairs covered with fur, perfect ideas for the living room.The cushions call to mind the soft powder puffs held together by an invisible metal tube frame, a full …

UPJ by B&b Italia

UPJ by B&b Italia

The UP series designed in 1969 by the eclectic world famous designer Gaetano Pesce have become the most recognized of the series over the years and one of the most acclaimed icons of Italian design. The armchair has anatomical characteristics and undeniably anthropomorphic references. It is like a large maternal lap and brings to …