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At Giardini d'Autore 2017 with Panenostro Lab.

At Giardini d’Autore 2017 with Panenostro Lab.

Today I’m telling you a story which sounds like a new beginning…. We are in Rimini, at Giardini d’Autore, precisely. Have you ever been there? It’s a scheduled event recurring twice a year: in Spring and in Autumn. It develops in two days focusing on plants, gardening, handicrafts and design. Any gardener knows that Autumn …

Yvonne Ellen's Dishes

Yvonne Ellen’s Dishes

Today we talk about… Yvonne Ellen’s Dishes! The art of dining and cooking encloses severals meanings. It expresses in the ability of perfectly cooking the dishes of our traditions, in the ability of pulling over in an original and creative way smells and tastes of ingredients coming from faraway countries, in the ability of …