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Industrial-style Accessories for your kitchen

Sometimes it takes so little to give the house an industrial touch. If you want to add vintage materials to your fittings, I will give you some suggestions in the next lines. First of all, we will concentrate on one of the main room of the house: the kitchen. Although you have already got a kitchen, in a typical modern style maybe, you will …

Industrial style - round or rectangular table

Industrial style – round or rectangular table

Have you been looking for a round or a rectangular table for your kitchen or living-room for a long time? Here are some suggestions for you! A few days ago I got an e-mail from one of my readers who asked me some suggestions and useful addresses about how to buy an industrial-style table. An original and not such a common one. There are …

Antique stores: Zucca Art&Design

Antique stores: Zucca Art&Design

 Antique Stores: Zucca Art and Design Showroom   It’s a Sunday afternoon, few months ago. I am in Pesaro, one of the most beautiful provinces in Marche, together with Urbino. Never been here? It’s a small and welcoming city, full of wonderful shops, restaurants, houses and important villas along the avenue that leads to the …

Lampadina di design ad incandescenza
Lampadina di design ad incandescenza, ecco tutte le novità.

Design bulb? I love incandescent vintage filament bulb!

Design Bulb? Take a look to incandescent vintage filament bulb. It’s extraordinary! This incandescent vintage filament bulb is extraordinary I still remember the first time I saw and photographed them some years ago in Paris… They amazed me so much that I chose them to light my loft. Event the effect of just one incandescent …

Lampada e sedia firmate Creazioni design
Lampada e sedia firmate Creazioni design

Lamp and chair Creazioni design

Lamp and chair by We talked about on many occasions, but what you’re going to see will take your breath away!Here’re two top of the line products created by the young company based in Modena!! The first is Promemoria Lamp, an original item made from copper pipes, that … An industrial living room an original and industrial living room Who’s never seen this living room at least once? And who’s never craved to sit on this famous aqua green sofa? How can we forget the green door that our favourite actors opened a thousandfold? Haven’t you recognized it yet? Do America, New York, Brooklyn ring a …

ca spineda on fillyourhomewithlove

Ca’ Spineda, the Most beautiful Residential in Italy by Rebuild 2014

Ca’ Spineda, the Most beautiful Residential in Italy by Rebuild Ca’ Spineda is an old villa built in 1560 by the noble family Spineda De Cattaneis. In 2008 Giovanni Fabris, founder and CEO of Welldom, chose the building to become the future home both of its offices and Atelier Welldom and began the restoration of the property. Ca’ …